Qualifying Events


Open Enrollment has ended. If you tried to sign up or change plans by December 15th but had difficulty with the website or phones, please call us (1-855-899-9600) by Friday, December 22nd and we will help you complete your application or plan change. If you do not qualify for financial help and wanted to direct enroll with an insurance carrier, please call Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Vermont (1-800-255-4550) or MVP Health Care (1-844-865-0250).

Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur enrollment continues year round. To see if you might qualify for one of these programs, view the Subsidy Estimator.

Alternatively, if you've recently experienced a qualifying life event, you might qualify for a special enrollment period.


Qualifying Events

Life events that can qualify Vermonters for special enrollment periods include:

  • Loss of coverage – employer sponsored or public plan
  • Aging out of parental coverage or foster care
  • Release from incarceration
  • Marriage/divorce/annulment
  • Household member becomes pregnant
  • Birth/adoption/placement for adoption
  • Court-ordered coverage
  • Change in legal status (citizenship, immigration eligible, lawfully present)
  • Moves permanently into the state
  • Employer-sponsored insurance unaffordable/inadequate
  • Change in income resulting in change in APTC/CSR eligibility
  • Native Americans (status allows enrollment any time)
  • Hardship exemption approved or expires

 For more details on these qualifying events and how to get health insurance during a special enrollment period, view our Special Enrollment Period Qualifying Events chart (pdf).


Exceptional Circumstances

 In addition to the standard list of qualifying events (above), special enrollment periods can be granted under additional exceptional circumstances. If you have a question about an exceptional circumstance, or need to change an existing application, please call 1-855-899-9600.