Medicaid & Exchange Advisory Board

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About the Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board

The Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board (MEAB) was created to advise and inform the Department of Vermont Health Access on policy development and program administration for the state’s Medicaid-funded programs and Vermont Health Connect.

The MEAB is made up of stakeholders who represent a variety of groups, including consumers, businesses and health care providers. These individuals were appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Vermont Health Access and will serve staggered, three-year terms. If you are interested in more information about the MEAB or would like to be considered for a future appointment, please contact us.

The MEAB serves Vermonters in a different capacity than the Green Mountain Care Board. The Green Mountain Care Board is a group working on issues related to the state’s overall health care system and the implementation of the universal health care system. To learn more about the Green Mountain Care Board, visit the Green Mountain Care Board website.

Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board Members

  • Amy Vaughan, UVM Health Care
  • Bram Kleppner, Danforth Pewter
  • Christina Colombe
  • Clifton Long, self-employed
  • Dale Hackett
  • Donna Sutton Fay, VT Association of Area Agencies on Aging
  • Erin McIntyre
  • Gladys Mooney
  • Jackie Majoros, State Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Joan Lavoie
  • Julie Tessler, Vermont Council of Developmental and Mental Health Services
  • Kay Van Woert, Vermont Family Network
  • Laura Pelosi, Vermont Health Care Association
  • Leslie Nulty, Focal Point Advisory Services
  • Lisa Maynes
  • Madeleine Mongan, Vermont Medical Society
  • Michelle Fay, Voices for Vermont’s Children
  • Paul Bakeman, Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights
  • Rebecca Heintz, BCBSVT
  • Sharon Henault
  • Sharon Winn, Bi-State
  • Trinka Kerr, Vermont Health Care Advocate
  • Vaughn Collins, Vermont State Dental Society