Assister Map


  1. Select a region and/or assister type – or choose ‘County Overview’ for a broad description of local help – then  click ‘Filter.’
  2. View the map. To zoom in, double-click the left button on your mouse. To zoom out, double-click the right button. To move the map, hold down the left button and move your mouse in the desired direction.
  3. Select a pin. Click the left button over a blue, yellow, or purple pin to find contact information for an Assister. Or click on a green pin for a County Overview.


Assister Types

  1. CAC: Certified Application Counselors are individuals who are trained and certified to provide free health insurance enrollment support through the health or social service agency that employs them. 
  2. Broker:  A professional who is trained and certified and, for a fee, can help consumers, small businesses, and their employees apply for health coverage and make specific recommendations. 
  3. Navigator:  An individual who is trained, certified and funded  through a Navigator Organization to provide free help to consumers, small businesses, and their employees as they look for health coverage through Vermont Health Connect.