Vermont Reforms

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Vermont has a rich history of health reform. Over the last 20 years, we have made health coverage available to many Vermonters through programs such as Dr. Dynasaur, Catamount Health and Vermont Health Access Program (VHAP); reformed the health care system so that no Vermonter can be denied health insurance for having a pre-existing condition; and we have implemented community rating so that all Vermonters, regardless of their age, gender or where they live, can get health insurance. We continue to prioritize health care as we build Vermont Health Connect, giving more Vermonters access to health insurance and support in paying for it.

Health Reform Goals

Vermont’s goal is clear: to ensure high-quality health coverage for every Vermont resident. Today, there are over 44,000 Vermonters without health insurance – including 2.8 percent of Vermont children. To close the gap and ultimately ensure that all Vermonters are covered, the State has outlined the following goals:

Vermont Health Connect is just the next step in reaching these goals. Ultimately, the universal health system will ensure that all Vermonters are covered and that costs are controlled over the long term. The State plans to implement a universal health system in 2017. Until then, Vermonters are able to use Vermont Health Connect to search for and compare health plans and to find the one that fits their needs and budget.

Read the State’s Strategic Plan for Vermont Health Reform or visit the State’s health reform website to learn more.


In May 2011 the Vermont Legislature passed H.202, which became Act 48 when Governor Shumlin signed it into law. This legislation establishes the “universal and unified health system” for Vermont and also creates the Health Benefit Exchange, now known as Vermont Health Connect.

Read Act 48
Read a Section-by-Section Explanation of Act 48
Vermont Report on Act 48 and the Exchange

In May 2012 the Vermont Legislature passed H.559, which became Act 171 when Governor Shumlin signed it into law. This legislation focuses on implementation of the Health Benefit Exchange, now known as Vermont Health Connect, and other health care reforms.

Read Act 171

Insurance Companies in Vermont

There are a number of health insurance companies in Vermont. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about them.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
MVP Health Care