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All Vermont Health Connect plans cover the same set of essential health benefits. The difference in the plans lies in how you pay for those benefits. With a platinum plan you pay the highest premium each month, but you pay less when you actually use services. With a bronze plan you pay less each month, but you pay more for the services that you use. Before selecting a health plan, be sure to compare the monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs and medical services. If you need help, trained and certified Assisters are available throughout the state.

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Once you've narrowed down your plan selection to a metal level or two, compare your options side-by-side with our plan comparison brochures:

  • Platinum & Gold Plans - plans with higher monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Silver 70 Plans - if eligible for cost-sharing reductions, see companion cards for Silver 94, Silver 87, Silver 77, and Silver 73 plans  (coming soon)
  • Bronze Plans - please note potential for significant out-of-pocket costs

In addition to the metal level plan brochures above, Vermont Health Connect also offers:

  • Catastrophic Plans - please note potential for significant out-of-pocket costs and that eligibility requirement applies
  • Dental Plans - details on pediatric dental plans that are included in health plans, as well as stand-alone dental plan details and premiums
  • 2015 Plan Designs and Monthly Premiums - an overview of all metal level health plans all on one sheet


Summaries of Benefits
and Coverage (SBCs)
Standard Plans BCBSVT MVP
Silver (see below for CSR) BCBSVT MVP
Silver HDHP (see below for CSR,
can pair with HSA)
Bronze HDHP (can pair with HSA) BCBSVT MVP
Blue Rewards & Vitality Plus BCBSVT MVP
Gold  Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Silver (see below for CSR) Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Bronze N/A Vitality Plus
Bronze HDHP (can pair with HSA) Blue Rewards CDHP N/A
Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR)
Silver Plans
Learn about CSR
and whether you qualify
Silver 94 (94% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver 87 (87% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver 77 (77% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver 73 (73% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver HDHP 94 (94% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver HDHP 87 (87% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver HDHP 77 (77% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Silver HDHP 73 (73% AV) BCBSVT MVP
Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR)
Silver Plans
Blue Rewards & Vitality Plus
Silver 94 (94% AV) Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Silver 87 (87% AV) Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Silver 77 (77% AV) Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Silver 73 (73% AV) Blue Rewards Vitality Plus
Catastrophic BCBSVT MVP
Dental Plans Northeast Delta Dental (NEDD)
  High Option



Preventive care is free with Vermont Health Connect plans.  See lists of covered services from each insurance carrier:





To find out if a doctor or other provider is in a health plan's network, you can visit the insurance carriers' websites to view:



Overview of 2015 Rates


The 2015 health plans and rates are the result of the State of Vermont's Rate Review Process. The Green Mountain Care Board cut proposed rate increases for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) plans from an average increase of 9.8 percent to 7.7 percent and MVP Health Care (MVP) plans from 15.3 percent to 10.9 percent.

If you're wondering how these new rates will impact you, it depends on whether you qualify for financial help and which health plan will best meet your needs. Here are a couple of important points to consider:

1) Most Vermont Health Connect customers will be shielded from the full impact of rate increases. Over the last decade, health insurance premiums nationally – and in Vermont – have increased much faster than inflation. Thanks to the federal premium tax credits (APTC) and Vermont Premium Assistance (VPA), however, the extent of this year’s increases will be softened for the majority of Vermont Health Connect customers who qualify for those benefits. In addition, open enrollment is a time when customers can change their plan selection to better meet their medical and financial needs. 

2) The rate increases underscore the importance of Vermont’s drive to contain the cost of health care and provide universal coverage. Unfortunately, some Vermonters with higher incomes don't qualify for premium tax credits and therefore are directly and fully impacted by insurance rate hikes. The cost of finding health care in general is also a concern.  For this reason, Vermont is committed to creating a universal system to ensure every resident has access to high quality health care.

Curious about the 2014 Vermont Health Connect plans? Check out our 2014 Health Plans page.