Certified Application Counselors


Certified Application Counselors (CACs) are individuals who may have already provided health insurance enrollment support in an organization and are now doing so with Vermont Health Connect. Examples include case workers and financial counselors at hospitals, clinics and social service agencies.

Along with registered brokers and certified Navigators, CACs ensure that the Vermonters with whom they work are supported in making informed decisions when they enroll in health coverage through Vermont Health Connect.  

Vermont Health Connect Certified Application Counselors must be employees of organizations approved by Vermont Health Connect. Organizations that cannot provide in person assistance to Vermonters are not eligible to be Certified Application Counselor organizations. Sole proprietors or individuals with no organizational affiliation are also not eligible to serve as Certified Application Counselors with Vermont Health Connect.

All CACs must participate in Vermont Health Connect training, pass a certification exam and submit a registration agreement signed by both the individual CAC and their employing organization.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in being trained as a CAC, please contact vthealthconnect@state.vt.us.