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Applying for 2015 health insurance for first-time customers


Please note: If you apply online, you might incorrectly see a 1/1 start date.  This will not impact your actual coverage start date, which is determined by federal rules. Please ignore this date, which will be corrected. Please do pay one month’s premium as soon as possible. The sooner you pay, the sooner you will receive your ID card and plan materials. If you have questions, or if you would prefer to apply by phone, please call 1-855-899-9600 (toll-free).


The process of applying for coverage for yourself or your family through Vermont Health Connect will go more quickly if you take the following steps: 

1) Check Your Browser. If you plan to apply from your computer, first take note of your web browser  (the software application you use to view web pages). Some versions of Internet Explorer - including the new IE 11 - have been known to encounter technical glitches. For this reason, Vermont Health Connect strongly encourages the use of a current version of another browser, such as Firefox or Chrome. If needed, you can download a free up-to-date browser here.

2) Gather Key Information. For all people in household who need coverage, collect:

  • Social Security Numbers
    • Or document type and numbers for legal immigrants
  • Employer and income information
    • A complete copy of most recent tax returns, if available
    • Pay stubs or W-2 forms—Wage and Tax Statements
  • Anticipated medical and prescription needs
  • Information on offers of job-based insurance, if any

3) Apply. Have an up-to-date browser and checked off everything on your list?


Have questions? Call our Customer Support Center, toll-free at 1-855-899-9600, or find an Assister to walk you through the process in-person.