2018 Affordability Estimator

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If your employer offers you health coverage that is not considered adequate or affordable, then you are eligible to receive tax credits and cost-sharing reductions on Vermont Health Connect.  But how do you know if your health coverage is considered adequate and affordable?

The first step is to gather information from your employer about 1) which health plans meet the minimum value standard (this determines whether the plan is “adequate”), and 2) how much you would be required to contribute for the lowest cost Single plan that meets this standard (this will help determine whether it’s “affordable”). An easy way to collect this information is by asking your employer to fill out the Employer Coverage Tool.

Once you have the relevant information, just fill out the fields below and our calculator will tell you if it meets the federal definition of "unaffordable." If so, you can decline your employer's coverage, apply for a health plan through Vermont Health Connect on your own, and determine your eligibility for financial help.

Please note that if your employer is offering coverage through Vermont Health Connect, you should use the cost of the lowest cost bronze plan available to you.