The Blueprint


The Vermont Health Connect Blueprint

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) required each state interested in operating a State-based Exchange to submit an “Exchange Blueprint,” consisting of a letter from the governor and an application describing the state’s readiness to perform Exchange activities and functions.

Vermont’s application outlines each of the core areas needed to operate Vermont Health Connect, just as an architect’s blueprint outlines each component of a building before it’s constructed. Below you will find components of Vermont’s Blueprint application and Vermont’s planning documents organized using the Blueprint Application categories.

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  • Green Mountain Care Board Presentations and Overview Documents

The Green Mountain Care Board is an independent group responsible for overseeing the creation of a new universal health care system and bringing down health care costs. As part of their work, they are responsible for making decisions about the type of plans that will be available on Vermont Health Connect – also known as “plan design” – and the cost-sharing structures for those plans. DVHA made a number of recommendations to the Green Mountain Care Board (below) about the plans offered on Vermont Health Connect.