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Important Message: Open Enrollment for 2023 health and dental plans is now over. Keep your account up to date! Check to make sure we have you correct address, email and phone number. We want to make sure we can stay in touch with you.

2022 Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

A Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is a short, plain-language description of a health plan's coverage details provided by the insurance carrier. On this page, you will find SBCs for plan year 2022 for your records (these plans are no longer available as of 12/31/22). Please note, Vermont Health Connect plan names may differ from the plan names used by insurance companies.

Please click the links below to find the SBC for the plan you're looking for:

2022 Platinum Plan SBCs:

2022 Gold Plan SBCs: 

2022 Silver Plan SBCs:

2022 Enhanced Silver 94 SBCs:

2022 Enhanced Silver 87 SBCs:

2022 Enhanced Silver 77 SBCs:

2022 Enhanced Silver 73 SBCs:

2022 Bronze Plan SBCs:

2022 Catastrophic Plans: