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Vermont Communications Toolkit for the American Rescue Plan

Calling All Vermonters! Can you spread the word to your neighbors? For most Vermonters, the cost of health insurance went down in 2021.  It’s a great time to see if health insurance costs less for you.

Vermonter has one of the highest rates of health insurance coverage in the country. We did this because our community helps. Vermonters look out for their families, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow community members. If you share the messages on this page, you can help more Vermonters learn how to save money on health insurance.

This toolkit consists of:

•    Educational videos

•    Flyers 
•    Sample articles 
•    Sample social media posts

Educational videos 

This video tells you how the American Rescue Plan Act helps you pay for health insurance.

 How does the American Rescue Plan lower health insurance costs?  


Video recording of the first Health Insurance Town Hall discussing new health insurance subsidies. Includes Q&A.

Health Insurance Town Hall #1 of 6


Video recording of the second Health Insurance Town Hall focusing on those who received unemployment benefits in 2021. Includes Q&A and guests from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, MVP Health Care® and Northeast Delta Dental.

Health Insurance Town Hall #2 of 6


Video recording on the third Health Insurance Town Hall focused on how current Vermont Health Connect members may be able to lower both their monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs, thanks to the American Rescue Plan.

Health Insurance Town Hall #3 of 6


Video recording on the fourth Health Insurance Town Hall focused on Vermonters who are direct-enrolled with their insurance company and how they might be able to save thousands of dollars by transferring their health plan to Vermont Health Connect. We'll spotlight the August 31 deadline for a September start date (and immediate savings).  

Health Insurance Town Hall #4 of 6


The fifth Health Insurance Town Hall focused on the federal COBRA subsidy  which ended September 30. Listen to the experts discuss COBRA benefits and the way many Vermonters could still save on their health insurance by switching to Vermont Health Connect. 

Health Insurance Town Hall #5 of 6


The sixth and final Health Insurance Town Hall focuses on the upcoming October 1 deadline when the Special Enrollment Period ends. Learn how you could get increased financial help, and maybe afford better coverage thru Vermont Health Connect.

Health Insurance Town #6 of 6


Promotional flyers

You can hang these flyers on your office bulletin board or pass them out as flyers.


Sample articles

You can post these sample articles to your website or newsletter. You could post the short article on Front Porch Forum or social media too.


Sample social media

These sample posts can be used on Facebook and Twitter. If you need to change them for Front Porch Forum, Instagram, or other social media apps that’s OK. You can also post them yourself with the hashtag: #GetInsuredVT.