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Important Message: Do we have your correct address? Keep all your contact details up to date so we can get important information about changes to your health insurance. Please check your information online or call us at 1-855-899-9600.


I’m uninsured and worried about healthcare costs if I get sick. How can I get health insurance?

Vermonters who are eligible for Medicaid can apply and enroll at any time.

Vermonters who are uninsured and are not eligible for Medicaid can get a Qualified Health Plan during Open Enrollment, which runs from November 1, 2021, to January 15, 2022. If they sign up by December 15, their insurance will start on January 1, 2022. Please call us at 1-855-899-9600 to sign up.

I got my government stimulus check ($1,200 per person). Do I need to report that income?

No. The one-time federal government stimulus check of $1,200 does not count as income towards your eligibility for any State of Vermont health coverage program—including Medicaid, VPharm, Long Term Care and Qualified Health Plans. You do not need to report it.

I have Medicaid and I’m getting unemployment compensation. How should I report that income?

There are two types of unemployment compensation during the COVID-19 emergency:

UC—Unemployment Compensation. This is the type of unemployment compensation that is normally available to eligible workers. This type of income is counted towards your eligibility for Medicaid programs. You DO need to report this type of income.

PUC—Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. PUC is the additional $600 weekly amount that eligible workers get on top of regular unemployment compensation (UC). Unlike UC, PUC is NOT counted towards your eligibility for Medicaid programs. You DO NOT need to report this type of income.

Please call Vermont Health Connect at 1-855-899-9600 or Green Mountain Care at 1-800-250-8427, and we will be happy to help with your income reporting questions.

I have a Qualified Health Plan and I’m getting unemployment compensation. How should I report that income?

All types of unemployment compensation are counted in your eligibility for Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC). You should report both your regular Unemployment Compensation plus any Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 weekly) that you get.

If you don’t report both types of income to Vermont Health Connect, you will get more APTC than you should. If you get too much APTC during the year, you will owe that money when you file federal taxes for calendar year 2020.

I got a letter from Vermont Health Connect asking for documents. What should I do?

Carefully read the entire letter to understand what is being asked. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-855-899-9600. There are many options for getting us documents:

  • Mail copies to Vermont Health Connect;
  • Take pictures and use the secure document uploader; or
  • Bring copies of proof to an Economic Services Division district office.

If you need help to upload documents, contact a local Assister. If you need to print documents, use a library or local business with computer and printing services.

Vermont Health Connect will resume checking the income of new Medicaid applicants when needed. This will not affect existing Medicaid members.

My children are covered by Dr. Dynasaur and I have a premium. I can’t pay right now—will my children lose their health coverage?

No—we will not send a bill for Dr. Dynasaur premiums during the emergency period, and no one will lose Dr. Dynasaur coverage for nonpayment during this time. After the emergency ends, you will get Dr. Dynasaur bills again and should plan to pay your monthly Dr. Dynasaur bill like you used to.

I have Medicaid coverage, but I think it’s time for my annual review. Will I lose coverage?

No—Medicaid reviews are on hold during the emergency period. Your review will be rescheduled to a later month.