Federal Grants

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As part of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government has made funds available for states to develop health insurance marketplace. Vermont’s marketplace is called Vermont Health Connect. Each state follows a formal process to request funding that includes providing information about how funds will be used. Vermont’s federal grant requests are available below.

Level I Establishment Grant-Additional Funding Request 

Application Submitted: November 2012
Awarded: January, 2013 
Award Total: $2.27 million 
Description: The Level I Establishment Grant funding will be used to design, implement, and maintain the Exchange In-Person Assistance (IPA) program.
Submission Documents:

Level II Establishment Grant

Application Submitted: June 2012
Awarded: August 2012
Award Total: $104.2 million
Description: The Level II Establishment Grant funding will primarily be used to develop IT, business and outreach operations to support the critical functions of the Exchange.
Submission Documents:

Level I Establishment Grant

Application Submitted: October 2011
Awarded: November 2011
Award Total: $18 million
Description: Level I Establishment Grant funding was used to conduct research, support stakeholder consultation, begin building the Navigator program, begin to explore IT systems, assess and model costs, and more.
Submission Documents:

Early Innovator Grant

Application submitted: The University of Massachusetts Medical School submitted an application together with a multi-state consortium including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Awarded: February 2011
Award Total: $35.5 million
Description: The Early Innovator Grant is being used to develop information technology that can be applied to multiple states

Planning and Establishment Grant

Application submitted: All states were awarded a planning and establishment grant; no application was required
Awarded: September 2010
Award Total: $1 million
Description: The Planning and Establishment Grant was used to determine resources needed to establish a state health insurance exchange and determine its governance structure.
Submission Documents:

Grant Reports: Vermont Health Connect is required to submit regular reports to the federal government to demonstrate progress.  

Planning Grant

Establishment Grants