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Important Message: To get health insurance, you must sign up during an enrollment period. Vermont Health Connect has a Special Enrollment Period open now through October 1, and uninsured Vermonters can enroll in a qualified health plan during this time. Under the American Rescue Plan Act, Vermonters can get more financial help when they enroll through Vermont Health Connect. Vermonters who have insurance directly through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont or MVP Health Care® can transfer their plan to Vermont Health Connect now to get premium tax credits.  Vermonters who are eligible for Medicaid can enroll at any time.

Grace Periods

Once your health insurance starts, you are eligible for a grace period if you cannot pay your entire health insurance premium.  A grace period gives you time to pay what you owe. In some cases, your coverage continues while you pay your premiums.  In other cases, your insurance company may hold your claims for healthcare you get until you pay all the premiums billed during your grace period.   

The length of your grace period will depend on whether you get financial help paying for your coverage. If you get financial help you will have a longer grace period than you would if you pay the full cost of your health insurance.