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Important Message: Do we have your correct address? Keep it and all your contact information up to date so we can get important information about changes to your health insurance. Please check your information online or call us at 855-899-9600.

2022 Payment FAQ

This information applies to marketplace health and dental insurance beginning in 2022. Insurance companies include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont (Blue Cross), MVP Health Care® (MVP) and Northeast Delta Dental.


I'm enrolling in health insurance for the first time. When will I get my first invoice?

Your insurance company will send your first bill a few days after signing up.


How long do I have to pay my first health insurance bill? 

The due date gives you at least 21 days to pay. 


Will I have health insurance before I pay my first health insurance bill? 

  • It depends. Are you a new enrollee?
    • Your health insurance will start after your first bill is paid in full. You will then get a health insurance ID card. 
  • Are you renewing with the same insurance company?
    • Your insurance is continuous.


I’m enrolling in new insurance. What happens if I don’t pay my first health insurance bill on time? 

Your health insurance won’t start. You may need to wait until the following Open Enrollment to get health insurance. What if you have a major life event before then? You may be able to get a Special Enrollment Period.


How can I pay my health insurance bill? 

Vermont health insurance companies provide a wide variety of options to pay, including online portals.  For details you can call: 

  • Blue Cross: 1-888-320-9798
  • MVP: 1-800-348-8515
  • Northeast Delta Dental: 1-888-899-3734


How will I enroll in health insurance in 2022?

There’s no change to enrollment for 2022. Financial help for eligible customers is only available through Vermont Health Connect.  


When do I stop paying Vermont Health Connect for my 2021 health and dental insurance? 

You got your last bill from Vermont Health Connect in November of 2021.  This bill will include the full amount you still owe for 2021.


I’m already enrolled. When will I get my first bill for 2022 insurance? When do I start paying my health insurance company directly? 

In early December 2021, you started getting bills from your insurance companies. Each bill tells you how to pay. To keep your health insurance, you must pay each bill before the end of December. Blue Cross asks customers to wait to pay until after they receive their first invoice.


How many different health insurance bills will I get in 2022?

Starting in December 2021, you will get a bill from each health insurance company you have. Do you have household members on different health or dental plans? You will get a different bill from each company.


I’m a little behind on my health insurance payments. Where should I pay? 

It’s important to pay your 2021 premium to Vermont Health Connect—just like always. If you’re late on your 2021 payments, pay Vermont Health Connect to get caught up. Any payments for 2022 health insurance should be made to your health insurance company instead.  


When will I get my monthly health and dental insurance bills?    

Check with each of your insurance companies. They’ll tell you when you’ll get your monthly bill. They’ll also tell you how quickly your payments will be processed. If you haven't received anything within 10 days, reach out to your health or dental insurance company.


I think I paid the wrong insurance company by mistake. What should I do?

Call the place where you sent it and let them know it was a mistake.  Here are the contact numbers:

  • Blue Cross: 1-888-320-9798
  • MVP: 1-800-348-8515
  • Northeast Delta Dental: 1-888-899-3734


I have automatic payments set up through Vermont Health Connect. What should I do? 

Wait until after your last 2021 payment in November. You should be paid in full for 2021 insurance. Call or login to your back after you make your last 2021 payment. Ask them to stop your automatic payments to Vermont Health Connect.


How do I set up automatic payments for  my 2022 plan(s)?

Call or login to your bank after you make your last 2021 payment. Ask them to stop your automatic payments to Vermont Health Connect.


Contact your insurance company to help you set up automatic payments for 2022. Call:

  • Blue Cross: 1-888-320-9798
  • MVP: 1-800-348-8515
  • Northeast Delta Dental: 1-888-899-3734


I am enrolled through Vermont Health Connect. Where do I report changes?

Report income and household changes  to Vermont Health Connect. We will tell your insurance company so you don’t have to.


What happens if I don't pay my bill on time?

If you don’t get financial help, you get one-month grace after missing a payment. Your claims will be paid during this month.  If you get financial help, you get a 3-month grace period.  Claims are paid in the first month. Claims may be paused in months two and three. Learn more about grace periods.