Small Business

Small Business FAQs

Who should I contact for details about group insurance plans?

Contact the insurance carriers directly to discuss options for group insurance:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont: 1(800)255-4550
  • MVP Health Care: 1(844)865-0250
  • Northeast Delta Dental: 1(800)832-5700

How can I determine if my business qualifies to enroll employees in Vermont Health Connect qualified health plans?

In Vermont, if your business employs between one and 100 employees it may qualify to participate in Vermont Health Connect’s small business coverage. Information on how to count full-time and part-time employees is available through the IRS. Small business plans are available directly through the insurance carriers.


How do I know if my business is eligible to receive Small Business Tax Credits?

To learn more about the Small Business Tax Credit, and download eligibility forms, visit our Small Business Tax Credit page.


Can I provide my employees other benefits (HSAs, discount programs, stipends) if I choose not to enroll in Vermont Health Connect?

For consideration of other programs and benefits for your employees, please consult your tax advisor.  Note that other benefits may not qualify as health insurance.


What happens if my business decides not to offer health coverage to my employees?

Depending on the size of your business, there may be state or federal requirements. To be sure, please check with your business’s tax advisor, the Vermont Department of Taxes, or the IRS.


How do I know if I will owe a federal or state assessment? 

Vermont Health Connect can determine if your business is eligible to offer a VHC-certified small group plan to your employees. However, VHC doesn’t play a role in determining tax credits or assessments.

  • To find out if your business will owe a federal assessment, please contact the IRS.
  • To find out if your business will owe a state assessment, please contact the Vermont Department of Taxes.


My business employs migrant workers. What resources are available to them?

Download a copy of Migrant Workers & Health Insurance - A Guide for Employers


Is there a State-funded broker fee reimbursement?

No subsidies are provided by the State for broker services. However, the State provides training and certification for assisters, including brokers.


Is there a cost to sign up as a small business (or just the cost of coverage)?

There are no sign-up fees or additional fees for offering your employees a plan that has been certified by Vermont Health Connect. You decide the level of benefits to offer to your employees and how much you want to contribute.


How do employers pay their portion of the premiums?

Employers should enroll in small group plans with their insurance company directly and make direct premium payments to their insurance carrier. They are: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (800)255-4550 and MVP Health Care (844)865-0250 and Northeast Delta Dental (dental only) at (800)832-5700.