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Important Message: Keep your account up to date! Some life event changes let you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to sign up for a 2024 health plans, or change plans. Our Customer Support Center is open weekdays from 8am-4:30pm. Call us at 855-899-9600.

Where to Call


Vermont Health Connect

Contact Information and Hours
Vermont Health Connect can help with:
    • Signing up for health insurance – You must sign up through Vermont Health Connect to get help paying for health insurance. You must remain enrolled through Vermont Health Connect to get financial help to pay for your insurance.

    • Help paying your health insurance bill and health care costs – Ask how it works. Find out how much you can get or if you’re getting the right amount.

    • Medicaid/Dr. Dynasaur – Find out what’s covered and where you and your kids can go to the doctor. Ask about your monthly bill and any other questions.

If you think a decision Vermont Health Connect made is wrong – You have the right to ask them to look at a decision again. This is called an appeal. Learn how to file an appeal here.

Insurance Company Contact Information


• Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont: 1-888-320-9798

• MVP Health Care®: 1-800-348-8515

• Northeast Delta Dental: 1-800-832-5700


You will get your first 2024 bill in December of 2023 from your insurance company. The bill will have a telephone number to call. Call the number on your bill if you have questions about the bill or how to make a payment directly to the insurance company.