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Important Message: Open Enrollment is here! Sign up by December 15 to have health insurance starting on January 1. Or check out the 2022 Plan Comparison Tool to see new lower costs! Who you pay your monthly health insurance payment to will change for 2022. Read more on our How to Pay page. Have questions? Post them before Wednesday's virtual Town Hall.

How to Pay

Right now, Vermont Health Connect customers pay one monthly bill to Vermont Health Connect. It is their monthly payment for every health and dental plan they have through Vermont Health Connect.


What’s changing?

Customers will stop making a monthly payment to Vermont Health Connect when they get their first 2022 insurance bill. This will arrive in December of 2021. They will send separate payments to each of their insurance companies.

  • This starts with the first monthly payment for 2022 insurance. Customers will get their first 2022 bill in December 2021 from their insurance company.
  • Insurance companies will get payments faster. They can start coverage faster and answer customer questions about payments.


What stays the same?

  • To get financial help, customers must sign up through Vermont Health Connect. This help can:
    • Lower customers’ monthly insurance payments;
    • Let customers pay less to see a doctor or get medicine; and/or
    • Give customers a tax credit
  • There are no monthly payments for Dr. Dynasaur during the COVID-19 emergency. Vermont Health Connect will contact customers when the monthly payments start again. When payments start again, customers will pay Vermont Health Connect.
  • Customers with unpaid monthly insurance bills for 2021 should still pay those past due amounts to Vermont Health Connect.


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