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Important Message: Open Enrollment for 2022 health and dental plans is coming! Learn how the American Rescue Plan Act lowers health insurance for Vermonters. Find out when and how to apply.

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Want to learn more about how health insurance works? In this section, you can read an overview of how deductibles, co-pays and max-out-of-pocket limits impact your household budget. Read our lists of common health insurance terms and abbreviations. Check out our index of frequently asked questions and read about Vermont Health Connect’s essential health benefits.

Health insurance can affect your income taxes. In this section, you’ll find information to help you file your federal tax returns—both for this year and for years past. Find out how much you have to pay if you don’t have health insurance. Get some tips about what to do with forms 1095A and 1095B forms. Learn how advance premium tax credits work, and how to report changes of income.

Ever been told you’re eligible for an Enhanced Silver plan with cost-sharing reductions but aren’t sure what that means? Learn more about Enhanced silver plans with cost-sharing reductions so you can decide if an Enhanced Silver plan is right for you.

Find information about small business health insurance, including: