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Important Message: Did you receive a red-striped envelope? Did you send in your Medicaid renewal? If there is any missing information, our Customer Service team may reach out to you by phone to complete the application. Keep your information up to date! Report any changes. We want to make sure we can stay in touch with you. Questions about Medicaid renewals? Visit

Educational Materials

Information on this page can help you, and other Vermonters, to learn what you need to know about health insurance, and even how to save money. Keep checking back here for more materials to share.

We have a number of educational materials that can be mailed to you or downloaded now, including:

Additionally, try our Plan Comparison Tool to find out if you qualify for financial help, and to see estimates for the total costs of each plan.

Now that we are outside Open Enrollment 2023, you can still help build awareness by using and sharing information in the digital Communications Toolkit which includes posters, sample articles and sample social media posts.

Find more about qualified health plans (QHPs) -- including plan comparison brochures and summaries of benefits and coverage for all health plans offered through the marketplace.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and MVP Health Care® are the two health insurance companies in the Vermont health care marketplace.

Virtual Town Halls

During Open Enrollment, we held a series of Town Halls to help simplify and demystify health care. We at Vermont Health Connect strive to give even more Vermonters the opportunity to attain health and well-being without worrying as much about the cost of health insurance. While Open Enrollment, which runs from November 1 to January 15, is over, you can still watch the town halls and presentations of the 2023 health and dental plans offered through Vermont Health Connect. Take a look at our section on health insurance basics and think about what kind of coverage could be best for you.