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Important Message: Open Enrollment is here! Sign up by December 15 to have health insurance starting on January 1. Or check out the 2022 Plan Comparison Tool to see new lower costs! Who you pay your monthly health insurance payment to will change for 2022. Read more on our How to Pay page. Have questions? Post them before Wednesday's virtual Town Hall.

Instructions for Direct-Enrolled Customers

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) gives more premium tax credits to more people – as long as you enroll through a state marketplace (like Vermont Health Connect). To get the tax credits, Vermonters must enroll through Vermont Health Connect. If you’re enrolled in coverage for you and your family directly through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont or MVP Health Care, you can transfer your plan to Vermont Health Connect so you can get these new premium tax credits

Group health plans can’t be transferred. You can’t get premium tax credits if you have an offer of affordable job-based insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

When you transfer your direct-enrolled plan to Vermont Health Connect, you will keep the same health plan. Any payments you’ve already made towards your deductible and max-out-of-pocket limits will transfer with you—so there’s nothing to lose.

Direct enroll table

Ready to transfer your plan?

The sooner you enroll through Vermont Health Connect, the more tax credits you can get. 

Are you in a silver plan?  

You should have gotten a letter from your insurance company with information to help you decide if and when to transfer your plan.  If you’re ready to switch, here’s what to do: 

Step 1: Make sure your premium payments are up to date. Vermont Health Connect cannot transfer your plan if you have an outstanding balance. Once you’ve paid through your current month of coverage and started your coverage through Vermont Health Connect, you can stop making payments to your insurance company.

Step 2: Decide whether to apply online or by phone. 

  • Login, or create an account, and fill out an application. Or, call us at 1-855-899-9600 to apply by phone.
  • When we ask if you want to apply for financial help, here are your choices:
    • If you ask for financial help, you won’t have to wait until you file next year’s taxes to get premium tax credits.
      • You may get a notice in the mail telling you that you are enrolled through Vermont Health Connect but you don’t qualify for financial help. Don’t worry, this notice is generated by the old eligibility rules. If you are eligible under the ARPA rules, you will get tax credits for every month enrolled. 
      • This summer you will receive another notice telling you your eligibility under the new rules. You will then have the option to apply your tax credits as a discount on your monthly bill.
    • If you don’t ask for financial help, you will get all your premium tax credits when you file federal income taxes.
  • After you apply, call us at 1-855-899-9600 and tell them code “ARPA21” to finish your enrollment and make a premium payment.
  • You must pay your first premium to Vermont Health Connect before your plan will transfer from your insurance company.

To get the most money back in tax credits, be sure to enroll in Vermont Health Connect coverage soon.