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Important Message: Open Enrollment is here! Sign up by December 15 to have health insurance starting on January 1. Or check out the 2022 Plan Comparison Tool to see new lower costs! Who you pay your monthly health insurance payment to will change for 2022. Read more on our How to Pay page. Have questions? Post them before Wednesday's virtual Town Hall.

Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur

Medicaid offers health coverage to many people—including those with low incomes and disabilities. Medicaid is run through a partnership between state and federal governments. After the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Vermont expanded its Medicaid programs to cover more people. 

There are different types of Medicaid. In Vermont, Medicaid is run by the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) which includes Vermont Health Connect and Green Mountain Care. Medicaid covers medical care and prescriptions drugs. For a full list of benefits and co-pays, read the Vermont Healthcare Programs Handbook

Medicaid for Children and Adults (MCA)

Medicaid for Children & Adults (MCA) includes the Dr. Dynasaur program. These programs are run by Vermont Health Connect, and offer free, or low-cost, health coverage for eligible Vermonters. Eligibility for MCA is based on family size and household income.
You may be eligible for Medicaid for Adults if you:

Dr. Dynasaur

You may be eligible for Dr. Dynasaur (Medicaid for pregnant woman and children) if you are:

  • A child under the age of 19 with household income below 312% FPL; or
  • Pregnant with income below 208% FPL

Dr. Dynasaur is free for pregnant women with qualifying household incomes. Depending on household income and family size, Dr. Dynasaur for children under 19 may have a monthly premium up to $60 per household.

2021 Monthly Premium Income Levels for Children Who Qualify for Dr. Dynasaur with:
Household Size* $0 Premium $15 premium per family per month $20 premium per family, per month if child(ren) have other insurance. $60 premium per family, per month if child(ren) are uninsured
1 $2,093 $2,544 $3,349
2 $2,831 $3,441 $4,530
3 $3,569 $4,338 $5,710
4 $4,307 $5,234 $6,890
5 $5,044 $6,131 $8,071
6 $5,782 $7,028 $9,251
7 $6,520 $7,924 $10,432
8 $7,258 $8,821 $11,612

Vermonters who are eligible for Medicaid can enroll at any time of year:

Medicaid for the Aged, Blind and Disabled (MABD)

Medicaid for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled (MABD) is free health coverage for individuals who are:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Disabled; and/or
  • Blind

For an application and/or more information about MABD, visit the Green Mountain Care website.