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Important Message: Vermont is again required to see who can still get Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur. Find answers to your Medicaid eligibility questions. Keep your address, email and phone number up to date! We want to make sure we can stay in touch with you.

How to become an Assister

Assisters are vital to Vermont Health Connect as they help connect people with health coverage. Assisters are not employed by VHC directly but work within community-based organizations. If you are part of an organization that serves Vermont residents or is connected to individuals that reach under-served communities, consider being part of our team.

These are the steps you will take:

  1. Fill out the online Application for the Assister Program
  2. Complete a comprehensive training course and pass a qualifying exam before being certified
  3. Enter into an agreement with Vermont Health Connect
  4. Receive you certificate as an Assister

During the initial training, Assisters will learn about the online application and how to help customers enroll for health insurance on the Vermont marketplace. Throughout your time as an Assister, you will be supported by a VHC team. You will be continually kept up to date on the changes in the health insurance market.

Are you already a certified Assister? Find answers to your questions in the Assister Resource Center.

Note: If you are already a State of Vermont-licensed producer who can provide in person assistance, you can be trained by Vermont Health Connect as a registered broker. If you work for a hospital, clinic, or other entity that already helps Vermonters access health coverage, you can sign up to be trained and registered as a certified application counselor (CAC). These certification programs will ensure appropriate training, require compliance with privacy and confidentiality, and give Vermonters a sense of confidence in working with you.