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Important Message: Learn how the American Rescue Plan Act lowers health insurance costs for Vermonters. Also, remember to pay your insurance company directly for your 2022 plan.

Assister FAQ

How do I find an assister?

Browse our list of in person assisters (sorted by county). Please contact them directly to request information, to set up an appointment, or to schedule a presentation at your organization or event.

What can I expect from my assister?

  • All assisters have been trained by Vermont Health Connect staff. Currently certified Assisters have a certification number and an active license with Vermont Health Connect.
  • All assisters are required to have a criminal background check upon certification as assisters.
  • Prior to obtaining access to the Vermont Health Connect enrollment system, all assisters must meet Vermont Health Connect certification requirements.
  • Assisters should be able to answer your questions about Vermont Health Connect or find the answers for you.

How can I spot a scam?

Assisters will NOT:

  • Charge for their services unless you are a business or individual who contracts with a broker
  • Call to work with you unless you have called them first
  • Make unsolicited requests for personal information
  • Offer to provide you with an “Obama Care” card

Should you encounter any of these practices by someone claiming to be a Vermont Health Connect assister, please contact us at .

How do I become a Vermont Health Connect assister?

Vermont Health Connect does not employ Assisters directly. Any organization interested in assisting their clients with health coverage issues may contact VHC to inquire about certifying an employer as an assister. If you would like to apply to become a Vermont Assister, please complete our Application for the Assister Program. If you have additional questions about the Assister Program, please contact

Note: If you are already a State of Vermont-licensed producer who can provide in person assistance, you can be trained by Vermont Health Connect as a registered broker. If you work for a hospital, clinic, or other entity that already helps Vermonters access health coverage, you can sign up to be trained and registered as a certified application counselor (CAC). These certification programs will ensure appropriate training, require compliance with privacy and confidentiality, and give Vermonters a sense of confidence in working with you.